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Goodwill is especially proud to have introduced its own brand “Heart by Goodwill”. The metal heart shaped label guarantees the unique imagination and skill of a highly experienced design and manufacturing team. The whole collection is designed by our team in Belgium and is made in limited quantities, often handmade, making it a collectors dream.

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Goodwill is the official distributor of Katherine's Collection in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. This truly American brand captivated many collectors over the years. For more information about the brand visit their official site.

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Since 2021 Goodwill is proud to represent another famous brand, Mark Roberts. This instantly recognisable brand matches the DNA of our own brand so well it was only a matter of time until Goodwill would become the official distributor for Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Have a look at the newest collection or find more information on their official site.

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